Wednesday 31 December 2014

CRM for Drupal CMS

The Drupal CMS had become rapidly one of the most used CMS of the world.

His secret? The very good security reputation, this feature allowed it to be used for the White House (USA) website.

Synchronizing Drupal with CRM software it’s always a question of security and therefore choosing the right CRM software it’s essential.

Simple CRM it’s this CRM software that proposes the security that Drupal users love a lot. Simple CRM has a communication encrypting on 4096 bits; all data and stored documents are encrypted and the each Simple CRM server it’s backup 5 times a day in 5 different locations.

The Simple CRM uptime is 99.98%, the micro cuts might interfere during updates but only during the night.

An advanced security for Simple CRM exists also, with double user identification, alerts for intensive utilization etc. , allowing to better protect against industrial or governmental espionage.

Simple CRM it is complete CRM software that allows sales management, projects management, support management or administrative tasks of your company.

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